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I think I ate something bad last night or my tummy is not tolerate of Indian food anymore (I don't even want to think that's the reason!!)

I am dipping into my normal depression period I experience every summer.

All the bad things that happen to me always happen from May to Aug..... deaths, breakups, bad news... always comes in the summer.

I dread it... plus the heat. Why I ever decided to come to FL is beyond me... but I have benefited from being here.. especially professionally so it def. hasn't been a waste of time.

I am going to Chicago next week for ACE. I am so excited. I also get to spend time with my best friend, Candi who moved away about 1 years ago. I def. need a break from FL. I haven't left this state in about 1 year... and it's def. time to have something that resembles a real vacation.

Since I'm not on BVs corporate list I am "not allowed" to go any of the corporate events expect the Professor Student reception. I look forward to seeing old friends from Ohio and other parts of the Country.

I think that's all I got...... my tummy is churning... ugh.