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I'm back from Chi Town and had a lot of fun. I could easily live there!

Me and my best mate Candi did a Youtube vid together... it has almost 50,000 views in like two weeks so I'm now a famous Transman on YOUTUBE:

I also accepted the Section Education Award (AWWA level award) with my friends.

It was a proud moment for all those involved.

Other news:

My chest surgery is Dec 10th 2010. I have to place a $500 deposit on Monday and

My Aunt (not really my aunt but more of an aunt than my bio aunt) will be taking care of me. She's an ER doctor. I will be going to Dr. Garramone in Sunrise FL. I already have an appointment with my primary care for medical clearance and blood work.

I am back on Testosterone - I switched from shots to the gel (Androgel. So far so good:

Other randomness:
I have a date tomorrow..... with someone who IDs as a Lesbian but she seems to like me
. Of course I met her off the internet. That's basically how I meet everyone who is willing to give a Transman a chance so..... We will see. Bummer is she lives in Ft. Myers so like 2 hours away from me. I'm just trying to keep an open mind for right now. She seems pretty sweet so what the hell... worse comes to worse we don't like each other and I spend time with someone who is nice.

Work is really really slow... and it sucks. I'm just trying to hang in there until things change.

Other than that, not much is new! Happy 4th! Hopefully one day I can say this is a land of freedom and opportunity for everyone - trans or not.