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I've been on Androgel for about 1 month now... so T about 6ish months... and it's awesome.

I am much happier on the gel than the shots.

I've decided to come out to everyone I know offically. I'm not sure how I will go about it (espeically at work) but it has to happen.

Hopefully I won't lose my job, 90% of my friends, and the life I have come to love here in Fl.

But I can't live a lie for much longer...

Of course I will be talking to Dr. Farrell about how to go about this before I do such a thing..

But I will start with my friends with AWWA. My hope is all the hard work I have done for the Section will matter more than a pronoun.

I'm going to Denver CO for two days for AWWA Management Training.. I am so excited. Peggy, out section ops manager, will be going too. I plan to come out to her then. She 's awesome.. and someone I really respect a lot. She is from San Fran, CA so I'm hoping she's going to react the way I hope she does.

I've been talking to this women on Plenty of Fish...who has actually dated a transman and has loved it! I'm hopeful that when we meet there will be some level of attraction for dating :) She seems really smart and I can talk to her for hours so... I hope that I finally met someone worth dating here in Fl.

My 30th B day is coming up!! I will be going back to CT for it. My whole family knows I'm trans so I have no idea how they are going to handle it. My sister adopted a 14 months old boy named Jonathan and I can't wait to see him! He knows me as Uncle Ari... which is very exciting for me. I think I will be honest and direct with my family as possible in regards to pronouns and my name. Less Confusing for them that way!

I am also throwing myself a 30th b day party! Place to be determined but with a bunch of kick ass people! I will even have a tomb stone cake from Publix!

That's all that's new with me. Till next time...