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Officially out at work

I came out to work on Monday. The HR person told the VP or my office.. and then the VP of the office had a meeting with me on Tuesday to talk about how I wanted it to be handled.

I told her I felt that she should tell people over time.. like one by one that I want to be called he and that I am trans.

She said that was fine so she started that. The whole Admin staff and upper management now knows and so far no one has said anything to me.

I came into the VPs office on Friday and she told me that no one cares.. but there was once thing... she told me that most people where scared of forgetting to call me "he" and hurting my feelings.. which i was surprised about!

Granted the people I'm more worried about currently don't know to my knowledge. I told FSAWWA as well. So far they have taken it well. Yay!

So I'm Ari to the world now.


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Mar. 14th, 2011 06:54 pm (UTC)
Nice job. I'm proud of you! It's surprising, yes, but most mature people are more worried about hurting your feelings than anything else. Unfortunately, this is also the same reason that people whisper behind our backs and shy away from asking us questions... they are afraid to hurt our feelings, which just ends up happening anyway when we find out. Anyway, sounds like this is off to a good start. You're awesome :)
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