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Big Life Update

Hi all.... sorry not to write for a while but I've been really busy and for some reason.. suffering from writer's block!

Ok.. so here it goes... stuff with me!

I am moving to Denver CO to work for the American Water Works Association! I know... It's basically my dream come true... live in a nicer colder place and be able to finally transition in a more liberal place.. and get paid more with the chance of advancement.

My last day in Hell (AKA Fl) is Aug 12th. I will be driving from St. Pete to MN to see Candi for a few days and then drive to Denver to find a room to rent.

I am very happy to not be working for Black & Veatch anymore. I will miss people here but I won't miss having to be billable that's for sure.

I am still taking T and will be changing my name as soon as I can be considered a resident of CO.

My goal will be to get Top Surgery by 2012.

I look basically completely male now... minus the boobs... but I still get "sired" like 95% of the time now.

So yeah next two weeks is to get out of here.. pack up and leave! Life is good and I think things will get better from here on out!