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back from Denver!

I am back from Denver! AWWA training was AWESOME!!!! I wish I could have stayed longer but at the same time.... I would have been all alone so I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much.

I had an awesome experience on the plane. A guy I was sitting next to dropped a cup of water on me... and said "Sorry about that, Dude". It was awesome!

Denver is a cool place.. and I could very easily live there. Seems very LGBT friendly.

Back to work tomorrow after a week away... it's totally going to be hard.
Exciting news - my period has officially stopped! Thanks Androgel! :)

At least in over 2 months or so... I will be back in CT for four days and for my B day! I am seeing Alexis, my BBF from high school and the girl I was totally in love with for like 7 years.... I have no idea how i will react to it... but I know I will be happy to see her for sure!

Other then that.... nothing else is going on..... No plans this week. Nothing major is happening.