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I suck at keeping this up

Hello Live Journal! So long no talk.. I know I know I'm a slacker but a lot has happened since i last posted. I left AWWW and now work for my old company doing the type of work I like a lot.. and making a lot more $$$ doing it. I still teach at Red Rocks Community College online in addition to doing some freelance work for AWWA when needed so needless to say.. I'm a busy fella. In terms of my transition, I have made two huge leaps - I legally changed my name to Ari Carlin and I had top surgery on Aug 12 by Dr. David Greenwald in Tampa FL. I am currently in the process of figuring out when I can have a hysto so I never have to worry about women's problems again!

Additionally I've lost about 60 pounds using a personal trainer and fighting to keep it off due to work related travel and lack of access to a gym. I also had to give Bagel back to the rescue because she was way too aggressive for me to handle and I just traveled too much to take care of her. I felt bad but I know in the end it was the right thing to do. I miss her sometimes but I know that it wouldn't have worked out.

I'm still single and I feel I most likely will be forever.. especially in light of recent drama I've experienced. I really wish some people or really a certain person would just make up their mind about who they really want to be with and spend time with vs. coming in and out of my life. it also really sucks to still be kind of in love with said person as well.. even though they don't really treat me the way they should... but eh that's life I guess. All is know is, I'm not going to beg or chase this person anymore especially since they contacted me after a long period of time. It made me really sad largely because I was dumb enough to believe it may work out.

I also decided I most likely will be moving out of CO. I thought about moving back to CT but this seems less and less like a good idea even though I would love to live in like MA or NY. just too expensive. I also thought about moving back to FL because I miss my friends... so who knows where I will go next. I like CO... especially the weather but making friends here is really hard.. and I kind of want to put a lot of the bad stuff I've experienced here behind me. Other then that, It's just another day and another dollar.... I've been to Seattle, NYC, Indiana, Las Vegas, and KC this year for work and vacation so that's not too bad I guess! oh well might as well go to bed or something ... long day and weekend of work ahead of me.