The Newly-Placed West Coaster from the East!

Aka The Gender Victim

19 September 1980
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My name is Ari ... and i'm a 30 year old transmen living in Denver,CO.

I started Testosterone on Nov 2009... had a 2 month break from it... and now back on T full time!

This journal is over 9 years old. I started it in my Junior year of college because I needed something to vent in and confide in. Some of the material in my journal you may not like or understand. I'm 100 percent honest in what I say in here. If you dont like it STOP READING. This journal now a days documents my transition from female to male.

I talk about my life.. the frusrations.. the joys.. of a 30 young professional transman trying to make it in a man's world.. and career. I love talking to other Environmental Engineers.. so feel free to talk nerd to me. Recently my journal has been dedicated to random events in my life


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